Mosquito, Ticks & Vector Control

About the Program

The City of Joplin Health Department takes a proactive approach to mosquito prevention and eradication. There are three main parts to the program; larvacide application, complaint investigation, and adulticide application. The Health Department maintains a list of known mosquito breeding areas throughout the city limits and takes a proactive approach to maintain these areas.

The Joplin Health Department will begin larvaciding areas that are on public property and public right a ways in the spring as mosquito season begins. The use of GPS and GIS technology is used to manage and track the effectiveness of the program.


As complaints are received by the Health Department, they are investigated as quickly as possible. Complaints can be filed on the City of Joplin-Citizen Request website or by contacting the Joplin Health Department at (417) 623-6122. The complaints are investigated by one of Joplin’s certified environmental health specialists (CEHS). The CEHS will discuss the issue with resident and survey the surrounding area for problems and determine what action should be taken.

It is the responsibility of the landowner and/or lessee to prevent conditions that allow for the breeding and harborage of mosquitoes. All health department efforts to reduce mosquito populations will only be partially effective unless citizen involvement occurs. The individual resident can do more to control mosquitoes around their home than all other methods combined.