Mosquito Larvacide

What Is Larvacide?

Larvacide is a biological method of controlling mosquito populations. It contains bacteria that is eaten by mosquito larvae and prevents them from developing into adult mosquitoes. It should be applied to standing water such as bird baths, tree holes, ponds, etc. Larvacide targets mosquito larva and is not harmful to the surrounding environment or animals. For more information on the larvacide we use, visit: .

Mosquito Life Cycle


Female mosquitoes feed on blood because it provides proteins that are needed to lay mosquito eggs. After feeding, females lay their eggs.


Eggs must be laid near water. They are usually attached together to form "rafts" that float on the surface of the water. The eggs usually hatch within 48 hours.


Larvae live in water between four to 14 days and stay near the surface to breathe. Brushes near their mouths filter food needed for growth development. They shed their skin four times, growing each time, until they are half an inch long.


The pupa stage is the last development stage before becoming adult mosquitoes. In this stage they live in water for one to four days, until they are ready to come out of their hard outer shell. The mature mosquito rests and lets its body dry.

Additional Information

Individuals can purchase larvacide at local hardware stores. Follow product label for application instructions.