Contact JPD

  1. Complaint Against an Employee

    Learn how to file a complaint against a police employee.

  2. Civilian Advisory Committee Application

  3. Compliment an Officer

    Send an email to the Joplin Police Chief to recognize an officer.

  4. Important Phone Numbers

    Access important phone numbers to know who to call when a problem occurs.

  5. Report a Crime

    Read about how to report a crime that has happened.

  6. Report a Traffic Complaint

    Read about how to report a traffic violation.

  7. Report Graffiti

    Utilize this information about the Police Department's graffiti policy.

  8. Report Street Light Outage

    Learn how to report a street light outage so it can be fixed.

  9. Fill Out Property Check Form

  10. Fill out Business Info Card

    Form Center Form routes to Dispatch

  11. Request for Release of Weapon

  12. Request for Release of Property

  13. Storm Shelter Inventory